What I Believe

 I Believe

— That God is real and speaks to everyone, no matter the religion, creed, denomination, level of spirituality, knowledge or religious education. No matter the age, race, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or political affiliation. 

— That God speaks to people continuously, personally and actively. Today just as much as in the past when Biblical and other holy scriptures were first received and written.

— That God has not stopped talking, but continues to communicate, and is heard by those who are willing to stop and listen to the voice that’s inside of them.

— That God has continually new messages for mankind, messages that are heard by those who are willing to tune in, and brave enough to share those messages, as they arrive to them individually, through the Spirit of Truth.

— That God speaks differently to each of us, as we’re all different, equipped with our unique God-given gifts and talents, which were always meant to be shared.

— That it's important that we share our individual Godly voices, instead of letting them be quenched and silenced by a powerful few in spiritual positions.

— That we should all be in charge of our own spiritual journeys. That no organization or individual has the right to rob our inner guidance from us and try to operate on its behalf.

— That prayer is important, and should be learned and practiced, but never forced.

— That our own Egos are our worst enemy. 

— That Fear is our second worst enemy, as it keeps us from coming home to God, and into ourselves. 

— That there is a great need for open minded conversations about God. But not the kind of conversations where everyone is trying to convince others to travel down their own spiritual paths. Instead, the kind of conversations where each person is encouraged to discover their own path, curious what these paths look like, and interested in having open minded discussions about them.

— That since God is the Creator and author of Truth, the natural Godly attributes of creativity and authenticity activate God’s voice inside of us. They work as doors and catalysts that lead us back to ourselves. 

— That all of us have areas of brokenness, blindness and sin, and therefore need God to manage, direct and heal us in these unhealed areas where we can't heal ourselves.

— That anything concerning God can be questioned, explored and discussed. 

— That most, if not all religions have parts of truth in them and can teach us something. That no one has all truth and knowledge, but that everyone needs other people and religions to help add to their understanding of God’s ways. 

— That God’s Holy Spirit — the Spirit of Truth — inside of us is fully able to guide us into safety, and is the only reliable, true guide to show us which messages to listen to, and which ones not. 

— Seeking peace, and in looking for common ground instead of our differences. 

— that causing any kind of harm on any individual, whether physical, emotional, material, or spiritual is wrong.

— that the discrimination of any person based on religion, belief system, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle, intelligence, socioeconomic status, disability, nationality or level of education is wrong.

— that any form of spiritual bullying, control or abuse is wrong.

— that no one should ever fight about God.

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