Bible Lessons with Alice in Wonderland

Bible Lessons for Curious People

Welcome Seeker.

You've just stumbled across an unusual parable of the Kingdom of God, served in the form of the old, familiar story of Alice in Wonderland.

You know Alice, right? Well, if you do, you know that she’s a very curious child. In fact, so curious that she’d risk her own life to find out about a certain White Rabbit, who once lead her down a mysterious rabbit hole…

Is curiosity a trait you share with Alice? If it is, you’ve come to the right place.

Actually, your visit might not even be a coincidence… You might've been lured in by the White Rabbit, who, although always in a hurry, still has the tendency to attract childlike followers. All those who seek and hunger for the deeper truths in life.

No matter how fast that rabbit runs, these children will always follow.

Why Bible Lessons?

But how is Wonderland like the Kingdom of God?

For me to answer that question I must first take you on a journey down the rabbit hole and show you Wonderland through my eyes. Through the eyes of faith. The way God once revealed it to me.

I must explain a couple of things. I must talk about the Puzzle (the Church) and teach you some basic Map (Bible) reading skills. If you follow along, then little by little, side by side with Alice, and a couple of other fairytale and modern fiction characters, you'll be introduced to some mysteries of the Christian faith that will blow your mind.

And that’s just the beginning.

For you to understand everything, you must do what the famous song, "White Rabbit", tells you to do. You must “feed your head.”

And one way for you to do that, is by diving into a crazy little Bible study with me, fearlessly, madly, Alice-style.

Bible Lessons Not Your Cup of Tea?

But maybe you think that you don't belong here -- for whatever reason? Well, don't you worry about that, because these Bible lessons are for everyone, young and old, Christian and non-Christian alike, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, whoever you are.

A Spiritual Seeker!

Is that you? Are you searching? Curious and hungry for the truth?

Then this is for you, so come.

Study the lessons of your own life. Knock on the door that leads home to yourself!

Jesus spoke in parables for a reason:

To make what is deep and complex simple and accessible for all. Even a child. The author of this page will do the same, in an attempt to show anyone with ears that hear, eyes that see and a heart that hungers the reality of God.

So come then, as you are: Rich, poor, proud, humble, big, small, smart, dumb, ugly, beautiful, happy, sad, angry, peaceful, saint or sinner…

Come because you want to. Because you’re curious and hungry for answers. Or because you need help from God, and seek relief for your troubled lives.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you did.

It only matters that you’re here.

Because when there’s a Mad Tea Party in Wonderland everyone's invited!

Enter rabbit hole here...

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