The Children's Playground

The spiritual gift of my friend.

Wendy Shoshanna:

"Baby, You're Going Home." (Original lyrics, music and song by Wendy Shoshanna. All rights reserved). This is a song about the loss of miscarriage, and about finding hope, beauty and purpose in the midst of that sorrow.

Leaves Rustling: Wendy felt that this poem was "given to her" as a reflection of the frustrations that she experienced with her music making. She tried to find the time to write down her song lyrics, but as soon as she began working, the endless distractions and obstacles began. Many artists are familiar with this battle. I've heard it called "Resistance." This resistance begins as soon as you start navigating toward your true purpose, in order to kill the message and the mission within.  This poem/song is about that battle.

Leaves rustling above 

I lay in feathers softly strewn 

on a bed of straw. 

Children wanting more,

more time to run and play.

Mothers calling to them,

they must end their day.

Just another moment,

just a minute more,

wishing for the close of day

to always stay afar.

But mountains loom beyond,

darkness closes in,

the chill of night approaching,

the warmth of day will end.

Slowly, slowly falling —

in the depths of darkness and despair.

Cold claws pierce my skin

terror grows within,

calling, calling through my pain,

begging for relief.

Sinking, sinking in the mud

hope just fades away.

When did things come to this?

when dawn brings no relief?

Slowly, slowly chipping away 

’til there’s nothing left of me?


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