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Todd White's Homepage

Former drug addict and atheist, Todd White was set free from a life of addiction in 2004 when he found God in his life. 

Since then, he's been spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone willing to listen and is today travelling all over the world with his message. What makes him stand out among many other Christians is his extraordinary love and compassion for others.

You can also check him out on You Tube.


The Sparrow's Barn: (Site currently down. Waiting for new a link.)

In 2004 Erin, "the Sparrow" had a heart attack during a routine operation in the hospital that resulted in a Near Death Experience (NDE). During this event she met with Jesus Christ, who told her she was going to go through a very difficult time period in her life. This was the beginning of a chain of very trying events that eventually gave birth to a series of incredible dreams of Heaven. Erin's detailed descriptions of Heaven paint a picture of a place that's breathtakingly beautiful, wondrous and full of joy, a place we all seek and long for in life - our true home.


Akiane Kramarik's Homepage:

Akiane started painting at age 4 when she began seeing very vivid pictures of Heaven in her mind. She started copying these images using whatever drawing equipment she could get her hands on. Her family was not religious, but her parents soon realized that something extraordinary was happening to their daughter. Today, as a young adult, Akiane continues to paint her images of Heaven. These images seem to add a visual commentary to the written descriptions of Heaven by Erin from Sparrow's Barn and Beatty J. Eadie, as well as many others', who've also witnessed Heaven.


Beatty J. Eadie's Homepage:

The book, Embraced By the Light is based on a very detailed account of a Near Death Experience (NDE) by best selling author Beatty J. Eadie. It changed my life in my late teens, when I was going through a very difficult time period. Reading this book changed the general direction of my life and encouraged me to keep trying when I was ready to give up. This book also played a key role in my journey toward God and basically led me to Christ.


Mark Holloway's Blog:

This is a man from New Zealand with a Christian background, who is teaching people how to have conversations with God. He started having written conversations with God himself, and has through his messages been able to liberate and inspire many people, including me. Many of Mark's messages talk about bondage in Christianity. When I read them they confirmed everything that I had always known, but had either been too afraid to express or had had my thoughts censored by others. Mark's messages have influenced me profoundly and have also helped this website take form (but only by inspiring me. Mark is not personally affiliated with this website). God's messages to Mark are very liberating and inspiring!


William Paul Young's The Shack:

All I needed to do was to watch the introductory video on the book "the Shack" and immediately I knew that it was from God. I found out about it by reading one of Mark Holloway's conversations with God. I knew I had to order it, and when I read the the Shack, I was VERY inspired! Among other things it helped me to forgive people that have hurt me. Of course The Shack has caused quite the controversy within the circles of evangelical Christianity, as it blows up some of the mental boxes existing there. For example, the fact that God is introduced in the book in the form of an African-American woman who loves to cook, does not sit well with many Christians stuck in their stiff theologies. But I just love it! I immediately told the White Rabbit about it, and he completely understood. We had a laugh...

Watch Paul Young's interview (click on the video on the site) and order the book! 

...And once you've read that one, read this one!


NDERF (Near Death-Experience Research Foundation) Website. According to the founders, Jeffrey and Jody Long the mission of the foundation is to "research and study consciousness experiences and to spread the message of love, unity and peace around the world."

Many Exceptional Near Death Experiences found here. 

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