The echoes reach me now,

they come, they come,

at the end of the day,

following the shadows

across the courtyard,

sending me away

on an aimless drive

to empty city streets

to search, to look for You.


To find Your Face

in the wet pavement,

to watch sidewalks

burst open with vines,

to hear the night sigh

with longing, and the wind

call my name, call my name.

“Come to Me now,

open up, open up,

I have more to show you,

I have more to give,

rivers rushing into valleys,

trees falling on their knees

to pray,

birds screeching, flying homeless,

looking for a nest.”


“Cover me, cover me,

in the dark and the wasteland,

I have lilies pushing

through the ruins

of my chest.

I am full and defeated,

I am helpless and

covered in flowers,

You have done away with me,

You have brought the birds

and the lilies back.”

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