Mission Statement

 Our Ambitious Mission and Dream

 1. For people all over the world to arrive at the following realization:

— That God is real and speaks to everyone, no matter the religion, creed, denomination, level of spirituality, knowledge or religious education. No matter the age, race, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or political affiliation. 

— That God speaks to people continuously, personally and actively. Today just as much as in days gone by when Biblical and other Holy scriptures were first received and written.

— That God has not stopped talking, but continues to communicate, and is seeking a people willing to stop and listen to the voice that’s inside of them.

— That God has continually new messages for mankind, and is waiting for a people willing to tune in and brave enough to share those messages, as they arrive to them individually, through the Holy Spirit — which is the Spirit of Truth.

— That God speaks differently to each of us, as we’re all different, equipped with our unique God-given gifts and talents that God desires for us to share.

— That these individual Godly voices should be released in every level of society, and not quenched and silenced by a powerful few in spiritual positions.

2. Seekingwonderland is committed to:

— Teaching people how to hear God’s voice inside of them.

— Practicing the identification and exploration of these Divine inner voices. First and foremost in ourselves, and next in others.

Sharing these unique Divine messages by starting with our own messages first, and next encouraging others to follow our example.

— Seeking various platforms and avenues where to share these messages. A  “children’s playground” that allows us to showcase and celebrate our voices, our unique God-given gifts. We believe that this is the Holy Ground inside of us, our own personal Wonderland where God shows up and speaks through us. While not limiting ourselves to the performing arts, we are particularly interested in the gifts of: Music, singing, poetry, acting, visual arts, photography, cinematography, writing, dancing and public speaking. By seeking to showcase these gifts we believe that we are putting in practice God’s command of placing our lights on a lamp stand where it will shine its light to everyone in the room (Matt. 5:15-16).

— Putting the individual in charge of their own spiritual journey and teaching them to navigate it with the leading of their own inner guide and compass, the Holy Spirit, the trusted Counselor and Defender. We do not believe that any organization or individual has the right to replace this inner guide and operate on its behalf.

— Spreading the message of the importance of prayer and committing ourselves to the diligent use of this practice, even when it feels tiring and difficult.

— Fighting against the Ego, the number one enemy of human kind. We will start the fight against the Ego in ourselves, and also bring awareness and warnings to others about it, as we observe and recognize its widespread manifestations in the society all around us.

— Fighting against Fear, the second worst enemy of human kind, that keeps us from coming to God. We will start the fight against our own Fear, as we know that through our example others will be encouraged to overcome it in themselves. We will do this by naming it, exposing its lies, and by bravely contradicting its conclusions by our opposing actions.

— Opening our doors to all spiritual seekers, no matter their religion or belief system, providing a safe place for conversation and sharing about all things God. Our goal is not to convince these seekers to travel down our spiritual paths. Instead we want to encourage people to discover their own paths, curious what these paths look like, and interested in having open minded discussions about them.

3. We believe:

— That since God is the Creator and author of Truth, the natural Godly attributes of Creativity and Authenticity activate God’s voice inside of us. They work as doors and catalysts that lead us back to ourselves, opening up space inside of us where God can freely move. We believe that Godly creativity and authenticity can take numerous forms, and expresses itself through any genuine human endeavor that is in harmony with the laws of the universe. 

— That all of us have areas of brokenness, blindness and sin, and desperately need God to manage, direct and heal us in these unhealed areas, as we cannot heal ourselves.

— That Creativity allows us to access our inner child. We actively seek that child inside of us and work diligently to heal it’s unhealed wounds. We believe that by doing this we put in practice God’s command to become like the little children (Matt. 18:3).

— That anything concerning God can be questioned, explored and discussed. We seek and welcome this openminded discussion, as we recognize its value as a powerful activator of our spiritual growth.

— Seekingwonderland supports the belief that most, if not all religions have parts of truth in them and can teach us something about God’s ways. We therefore also recognize that we ourselves do not have all truth and knowledge, but need other people and religions to help add to our understanding of God’s ways. We seek and welcome these insights and instructions and believe that they are instrumental for our spiritual growth. We believe that this approach helps us expand our knowledge and love, as God continues to change us from glory to glory (2 Cor 3:18). Our practice is to consider everything and keep those instructions that are in harmony with our inner leading, as the Holy Spirit reveals it. Those instructions that do not agree with our personal convictions, we have the right and responsibility to discard. 

— In Jesus Christ, our Savior. He is the foundation of this operation and we study and follow His teachings as they arrive to us either through holy scriptures or through the various directions given by the Holy Spirit (which come in many forms). While we are honest and upfront about our belief in Jesus Christ, we do not force our convictions on anyone and open our doors and hearts to those who believe differently.

— That God’s Holy Spirit — the Spirit of Truth — inside of us is fully able to guide us into safety, and the only reliable, true guide to show us which messages to listen to, and which ones not to. 

— Prayer, prayer and more prayer — our greatest weapon.

— Seeking Peace. We are always committed to looking for common ground despite our differences. 

4. We are against

— causing any kind of harm on any individual, whether physical, emotional, material, or spiritual.

— the discrimination of any person based on religion, belief system, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle, intelligence, socioeconomic status, disability, nationality or level of education.

— any form of spiritual bullying, control and/or abuse.

— fighting about God and our opinions about His ways. We do not believe that God likes people to fight about Him.

5. Politics:

— Seekingwonderland is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse any political organization or movement. Yet we open our doors to all kinds of people, regardless of their political convictions. On occasion, Seekingwonderland can support some single political endeavor if there is a strong inner conviction that the particular direction of that endeavor supports our beliefs. These are, however, always individual decisions and made case by case.

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